To Whom It May Concern:

Charissa Robinett was employed as an Employment Coordinator from June 24, 2002 to August 10, 2007 in the Corporate Human Resources Department of Leggett & Platt, Incorporated.  This department has a high degree of visibility and interacts daily with all levels of employees from laborer to executive senior level staff.

Charissa recruited, interviewed, screened, referenced and helped hire Leggett employees, both hourly and salaried.  She conducted detailed orientations almost weekly and coordinated quarterly orientations of a more general nature.  She counseled with managers and employees on employee relations issues and led several successful United Way campaigns for Leggett facilities in Carthage, Missouri.  Her Spanish language capabilities were very beneficial in acquisition integration work and employee relations issues.  She performed all these admirably and presented a professional, polished image for the department and for Leggett to the outside world.

Charissa is intelligent and personable.  She demonstrated an eagerness to learn and to add her creative talents to whatever was at task.  She would be a valuable addition to an organization needing someone who has the capacity to represent herself and her company well.  She has not yet begun to tap out her potential.

Cathleen Garrison
Employment Manager
Leggett & Platt, Incorporated


To Whom It May Concern:

During her career as an Interior Design student at Pittsburg State University, Charissa Robinett has demonstrated her dedication to the interior design field of study.  As Charissa's Interior Design Instructor, I have had the opportunity to realize her dedication through professional organization involvment and through her coursework.  For even the smallest tasks, she exhibits a strong work ethic and strives for perfection.

Charissa is enthusiastic about her projects and invests a personal interest into each design.  Charissa possesses the leadership and detail oriented qualities that will ensure her success as a business owner.  Her organization skills have proven to be valuable in her projects and will continue to be an asset to her as she manages future projects in her career as an Interior Designer.


Holly Page
Instructor, Interior Design
Pittsburg State University


To Whom It May Concern:

I own a craftsman-style home that was built in the early 1900's with beautiful architectural features. When I purchased the home, the walls were covered with dated country style wallpaper, but I didn't bother to take it down. Whenever I decided to move out and turn it into a rental property, Charissa came in and removed the wallpaper, took down the curtains and worked her magic! She chose beautiful paint colors for the living room, dining room and hallways, selected a border that would match the "not so bad" wallpaper under the chair rail going up the stairs, and completely restored the dining room with wallpaper under the chair rail and a border to emphasize the high ceilings. I was amazed to see how the architectural features became much more visible as a result of these few changes. Needless to say, I have had very little trouble finding good tenants to rent the house!

After seeing what she did to the house I was moving out of, I had her help me decorate my new house. She was able to take the things I already had and show me where to place them in my new home. She really has a good eye for how things should be grouped together and is able to find the perfect place for the not so perfect things I've collected over the years.

I would recommend Charissa to anyone who wants to redecorate a space without spending a lot of money. And for those who have more money in their budget, I can only imagine what Charissa can do.

Shelly S.
Pierce City, MO

To Whom It May Concern:

I bought my first home in the Spring of 2007.  I had the unique opportunity of having Charissa accompany me on my home search.  In fact, she was one of only two people who saw my house prior to move in day.  My house presented a different challenge in that every room is a different bold color.  I actually bought the home this way and decided not to paint but instead to work with the different colors throughout the house.  The other challenge with my home is that I had accumulated different decorating pieces from friends as housewarming gifts and had been saving things throughout my youth in a hope chest.  Needless to say, these items as well as a tight budget posed a unique situation for Charissa to work with.

Charissa has been able to transform a relatively empty but colorful space into a very comfortable and inviting living area by working with the pieces I already had and pairing them with the right colored walls and spaces.  She was also able to find bargains on other design items to implement throughout the house.  To date, we have found bargains at garage sales, flea markets, discount stores and special markdown sales.  Charissa has a keen eye for finding the bargains!  I have also bought several pieces of furniture that she was able to help me pick out and arrange. 

I would highly recommend Charissa for move-in, decorating, or home staging services.  Charissa is very detailed oriented and is able to visualize and communicate decorating ideas well while respecting the homeowners wishes.  I look forward to working with her further as we put the final touches on the remaining areas of my home.

Candice F.
Webb City, MO

To Whom It May Concern:

Charissa decorated my home in the fall of 2007, with amazing results. She was able to transform a boring and uninviting living space into a very comfortable and functional area. As a first time homeowner, I was very unsure about what decisions to make in decorating a home, or where to start; Charissa was able to quickly respond with excellent ideas and designs, striking a terrific balance between listening and teaching. I could not be happier with the end result.

Charissa was very passionate about designing a living area that suited my personality and interests. She was able to find amazing bargains on design items and utilize my own family antiques to completely make over my living room. She was very conscientious about remaining within my budget, while going to great efforts to make sure the end result truly achieved the appearance and impression I wanted.

I would whole heartedly recommend Charissa to consult on designing any living space. She can bring a talented perspective to just about any design project that you may be considering.

Drew B.
Carl Junction, MO

To Whom It May Concern:

We moved to a larger house in July 2008. Our new home features an upstairs bonus room, and we quickly discovered we did not have enough furniture to fill it up. The only items in the room were some modular pieces (shelves and a desk) that were once part of a bunk bed set. I couldn’t bring myself to give them away, but I had no idea how I was going to use them. Other than that, it was pretty much a blank canvas. Charissa visited our home and listened intently as I explained that we’d like to use the room as a place for the kids to study, play games, etc. In no time she had come up with a plan to turn the room into a functional, kid-friendly space complete with an area for the kids to watch TV, separate tables where they could sit to do their homework, and a computer desk they could both share. The design called for a top to be placed on the modular pieces so that the TV and printer could be placed on it. Her vision also included utilizing game boards and game pieces to decorate the walls.

Charissa helped me shop for furniture and accessories for the room. She thought of things that I hadn’t even considered like purchasing a futon so that it could be used not only for watching TV but also as extra sleeping space when we have family visiting. There were also several rooms in the house that needed accessorizing. I showed Charissa some things that I had just not found a place for. She was able to take these pieces, re-arrange some existing items, and come up with a grouping that was much more pleasing to the eye. Charissa suggested a pub set for my eating area in the kitchen. I found one at a furniture store but was disappointed at the high price tag. Charissa kept an eye out for a similar set, and found the perfect one at a local store at a much more reasonable price. She was thoughtful enough to even take pictures and email them to me!

I would strongly urge anyone who is re-decorating their home or office to enlist Charissa’s services. She has a great design sense and is very sensitive to her client’s wishes. She was a pleasure to work with. 

Terri S.
Carl Junction, MO


"I have liked everything Charissa has done to rearrange and decorate my home at Christmas time!  She is a lovely person -- very professional and knowledgeable.  She is very eager to blend her ideas with the homeowners."

Linda B.
Baxter Springs, KS

"Charissa is GREAT to work with and made my home look beautiful.  She helped me refurbish the inside of my home from painting walls, changing flooring materials, upgrading light fixtures to purchasing furniture and accessories.  She has fresh ideas and tries to keep economic considerations in the picture as well.  She has a great personality, is very knowledgeable about color/styles and coordinating everything to get the desired look.  Everyone that comes to my home says it looks like something from a magazine. I am very proud of my home, thanks to Charissa.  I highly recommend her to help in home design and decorating."

Donna B.

Joplin, MO

"Charissa's work was beyond expectation.  Her sense of knowing what needed to be done was amazing.  She took an unsellable house and turned it into something desirable that sold almost immediately!"

Steve M.
Webb City, MO

"Charissa really goes the extra mile to accomplish tasks.  She shows great professionalism and provides great customer service.  I am very willing to recommend INTERIORS by Charissa LLC to others."

Milton M.
Carthage, MO

"Charissa has done a wonderful job at working with my home sellers to get their houses in the best condition to sell. 
Her ideas are affordable and functional. My clients have been very happy with her staging assistance and some of them have told me they would like to use her to help with their new homes."

Jo K.
Carl Junction, M

"Charissa did a very good job with helping pick out the flooring in our basement that we finished late 2010. She also helped review my choices with fixtures and gave us ideas on how to make the best use of the space. We love how it all turned out!"

Jennifer V.
Carl Junction, MO

"Charissa is a creative and innovative designer.  She has a great eye and could not be easier to contact and work with.  Thanks, Charissa!"

Terry C.
Joplin, MO

"It is my pleasure to recommend Charissa.  Not only is she creative and fashion minded, she is personable and very easy to work with.  She is honest and trustworthy and will give her all to you and your project!"

Tammy B.
Mt. Vernon, MO

"We were so happy with the outcome of the house renovation!  You did an awesome job and especially with spreading the budget among the things that had to be done.  We also appreciate your organization and all the support we got from you, especially with us being in a different state.  Thanks again for all your work!"

Laura A.
Cary, NC

"Charissa is wonderful!  She is friendly, talented and fun to work with."

Whitney H.
Joplin, MO

"We were so overwhelmed by all the decisions that needed to be made for our house renovation!  Charissa really helped us focus and walked us through the process.  She had great recommendations and gave us the direction we needed for our project!"

Paula S.
Webb City, MO

"Charissa did an excellent job helping us stage our home when we put it on the market.  She was very professional and mindful of our needs.  We were thankful for her recommendations!"

Jennifer A.
Joplin, MO

"Charissa goes above and beyond and is the sweetest person to work with.  She does beautiful work!"

Sheryl B.
Joplin, MO

"Charissa is terrific and fun to work with.  She has an eye for detail and makes things happen.  She created an inviting, comfortable family get-away in our bonus room."

Janet E.
Joplin, MO

"Charissa assisted me with our new home. She bridged the gap between my husband's style and mine. Our home was being built after the 2011 tornado and needed everything. Charissa made our consultations pleasant and fun. She assisted with the lighting, paint, carpet, tile, and counters. She gave suggestions to make the other areas where I needed to decorate much easier. We are very pleased with our experiences with Charissa!  She is a professional who really listens and knows the market."

Miriam C.
Joplin, MO

"Charissa will, no doubt, be spot on in customer service and creativity.  If you have a budget constraint, she can make the whole experience feel like you had more money than you had imagined.  She put together a bedroom design for me that was exactly what I wanted, within budget and luxurious.  110% = Charissa's quality and customer service orientation!  I'm proud to recommend her professionalism and talent."

Cathleen G.
Carthage, MO

"I'm currently on my second project with Charissa, the construction of a new home.  She worked on a previous partial remodel of our existing home.  Charissa has impeccable taste and excellent people skills. She is able to quickly learn a client's tastes and is adept at communicating what would look better without offending. You feel really good when she guides you in a different direction than you were going. Charissa has great vision, tenacity, and adaptability. Simply put, she's an amazing, gifted interior designer!"

John M.
Carl Junction, MO

"Charissa's keen eye, enthusiasm, design knowledge, and sweet personality are just a few of the reasons we loved working with her on our project! She was a HUGE help to us in planning the interior of our new home. Without her assistance, we would have made several costly mistakes (furniture that didn't fit in the room properly, etc.)! Using design computer software, she provided us with virtual 3D mockups to help figure out the best furniture layout for an oddly situated room. Additionally, her insight and suggestions about window treatments, lighting fixtures, furniture selection, upholstery options, and accessory placement were truly invaluable! 

She listened to us carefully to get a good feel for our design style, which we (frankly) weren't even sure about ourselves until she helped guide us through it and asked lots of questions. She was encouraging with our ideas but wasn't afraid to speak up when her designer's eye knew to go in a different direction. It was a true collaboration, and we LOVE the end results! We will most definitely be asking for Charissa's help for other projects in the future!"

Monica M.
Joplin, MO

"Charissa was instrumental in helping me choose carpet, wood, floor tile, kitchen tile, shower tile, interior and exterior paint colors, etc. for our new home. I met with her numerous times asking her opinion and she was always professional and very helpful. I always left feeling good about my selections. I will use her services again to decorate my home. I highly recommend Charissa."

Michelle C.
Joplin, MO

"Besides top customer service, Charissa gave us several ideas on arranging our living room and artwork throughout the house. She picked up on many subtle angles, etc. that really enhanced the layout of the house."

Jim W.
Webb City, MO

"We have called upon Charissa to help us with several projects at our home. Each and every project has exceeded our expectations. She is very kind and patient. She has an eye for what will work long before we did, but waited until we could also see it. She worked hard to help keep us within or below our allotted budget. Whenever we have another home project, Charissa is the only one will we will call upon. She is truly one of the best professionals in her field. She is delightful to work with and feels like family."

Larry B.
Carthage, MO

"Charissa designed my new office after the EF5 Joplin tornado. I gave her full reigns and now we have an office that is comfortable and just down right homey. Could not have done it without you! THX!"

Steve S.
Joplin, MO 

"Charissa is very resourceful and made it fun to shop with her. Meeting her the first time was pleasant and comfortable! She was everything I needed right down to the last detail. She always responded to my calls in a timely manner.  I loved her bubbly personality. I would highly recommend her to anyone!"

Christina B.
Joplin, MO 

"Charissa goes the second mile to provide her clients with satisfaction. If she is guilty of anything, it is of working TOO HARD to satisfy her clients. You will get your money's worth with any project she does for you! She designed a ceramic tile backsplash to accompany new granite countertops (of which she was also very much involved in helping us select) in our 30-year old kitchen. I recommend her wholeheartedly."

David F.
Joplin, MO


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